Frank Noack

Digitize New #Innovations Is My Passion

MY personal SKILLS

Search engine optimization
Social Media
Video cutting & photo editing
Writing and copywriting + 10 fingers
Management of SEO-Writer
Conversion rate optimization
Customer relationship communication
CRM skills (Amazon)
Consumer behaviorist & customer service
Customer journey optimization
Creating lead pipelines
Conversion Rate Optimization
Data visualization
Technical understanding & communicating
Newsjacking & Trendjacking

my tools

My mouth and my phone
Sistrix Toolbox
Hootsuite, Buffer
Imovie & Photoshop
Sublime Text, Webflow
Google Analytics, Piwik, AwStats
Ubersuggest, SEOQuake, Seerobots & more
OpenOffice, Keynote, Excel
OS X, Mac, Iphone, Windows
Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Facebook, Twitter
Healthy brain food + chopsticks 
Working with Sistrix Toolbox
downgap with sistrix toolbox
Working with Sistrix Toolbox
downgap after blackhat techniques
Using Google Trends for SWOT analysis 
swot analysis carrier with google trends
Competitive analysis (keynote)
compare bounce rate in keynote

About me

I’ m a passionate SEO analyst with over 8 years experience in digital marketing. I always like to follow the trend. With my experience in customer service at Amazon, i am the specialist in customer relationship communication and consumer behaviorist (not just Online-Shops). This knowhow is indispensable for creating a customer journey and to analyze the buyer personas.

Precisely and confident i work with my tools. My tools helps me to proof my recommendations for action.

What i think about SEO

The future of SEO are shorter texts and videos on a high digital communication level. People have less time to capture the rapid growth of information and innovations at the day. Bring your message at the point. Sure, the user want see more, than just a snippet. Let the user scan your site, then let them move deeper into the detail. But don't forget to engage them with awesome unique content to share. Your backlinks will come by itself. An unnatural Backlink-Profil will throw you back after the next Ranking-Update. Success must be measurable. Always with the goal to surpass all expectations.

Connect with me and i tell you more.

Contact me

Frank Noack
Kirchfeldstrasse 8

40217 Düsseldorf

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